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this demo was kinda just released on 6 hand numbered CD-Rs (didn't have anymore than 6 left in the pack i had). very limited shit man. the CD sleeves are cut outs of a big missouri atlas. you can try and hunt one down from 6 random kc punx. be prepared to offer some big bucks.


released August 1, 2013



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Boy Parts Missouri


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Track Name: ... but we do the best we can
My bones are old, so are the stories I've told.
I know my words have no effect on you.
What are we waiting for? This time is not enough.
What are we waiting for? I know I'm not enough but we're not getting any fucking younger,
So take my hand.
our days are old and numbered and they're fucked.
but we do the best we can.
We're not young anymore. We all know we all die.
Track Name: Drizzle
I drove down to your house and you weren't there.
its not a wasted trip because i have nowhere to be
I circled the block a couple times
remembering when were young
when you think about it don't you choke yourself up
its not the way it once was
this time i'm not the fuck up
always holding onto grudges. let go.
i don't think this mask still fits me. and grow.
i'm starting to not know what i'm talking about anymore
and i'm that i'm capable of
i know that i'm shallow
the world and it's creatures has left me so calloused, careless and broken
the ripples will fade and the stone will sink
when you hit the bottom
you will need some help up
my hand has always been there
but you refuse to reach up
i'm glad you're not home
Track Name: Leaving (the one about summer)
I'm not trying very hard to like you
you think that my friends are not important
i haven't had a good time in a long time
lets just try to be adults about this
i shouldn't have to write this down
but i just need peace of mind
when the summer comes
you'll be long gone and i'll know
what it means to be alone
and when the summer ends
i'll be moved on and you'll know
that i'm glad to be alone
watch how i turn my back on you now
don't lie tonight