Emo Side Project & Coate Split

by Boy Parts

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FULL SPLIT STREAM & FREE DOWNLOAD @ kitr.bandcamp.com/album/emo-side-project-coate-boy-parts-split

this split is available on cassette format over at keep it together records. 200 tapes total; 100 on orange and 100 on clear.

pick one up at a show or order one here: keepittogetherrecords.com/releases.php#kit-052


released April 27, 2014

these songs were recorded at the cop house in marshall, MO in april 2014 by our very own bby boy bradly perkins. very special thanks to keep it together records, emo side project and coate. we're happy to apart of this split.



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Boy Parts Missouri


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Track Name: Best We Can
yes, I know where you've been and I don't feel sorry for you
I got out of that hole and I know you can do the same

my bones are old so are the stories I've told
I know my words have no effect on you
what are we waiting for? this time is not enough
what are we waiting for?
I know I'm not enough but we're not getting any fucking younger. so take my hand. our days are old and numbered and they're fucked (my friends are fucked) but we do the best we can.
we're not young anymore. we all know we die.
Track Name: Joshua Holloway Fit for Battle
I made my bed for no reason again
why do I still talk to you?
you're just fucking with my head and I'm too lonely to not reply

so I'll get some beer and hang out with my friends.
and shotgun away my feelings towards you

I won't sleep tonight, the room is spinning again
I can't take my foot off the floor without throwing up again
and I never returned any of your messages
but I'll fall in the same routine tomorrow when I am sober
Track Name: Yours Truly
it's not fair to talk about the times I wasn't there
two can play at that game
I wear my heart on my sleeve in the hopes that you would care
I'll try not to hold my breath

I've been writing this letter for a really long time
I know I'll put it in an envelope and keep it under my bed
regretting every word I re-read
because my gut instinct is often not the best.